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Get Out Of My House

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How the game is played:
Move into an open space. Ask the Chanichim to find themselves a space to themselves and sit down. Pick two people to be the Cat and Mouse. The Cat chases the mouse. If the Cat tags the mouse, the roles are reversed i.e. the Cat is now the Mouse and the Mouse is now the Cat. If the Mouse gets tired or wants an easy escape, he tags someone on the floor by shouting 'Get out of my house' The person on the floor is now the Cat and starts chasing the original 'Cat'..who..is now the Mouse. This is generally how it goes on until the Chanichim get tired and the Madrich/a can end the game whenever they want.

Game type:
Just for fun
Age group:
Number of participants:
20 to 30
Number of leaders:

None at all - energetic Chanichim!

Make sure there is enough room to play..!

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