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This is a fun and easy time waster, great for rainy days:
Kids are broken up into several teams each of which is given a writing utensil and something to write on. The facilitator/s of the game then choose a word and set a timer at which point each team tries to find as many songs as they can possibly think of that include that word. (for instance, if the word was sun, they might use here comes the sun, black hole sun, sugar magnolia (SUNshine daydream), etc.) Songs with the word shemesh are also acceptable. At the end of a certain amount of time, the teams each get a turn to sing one of the songs on their list. No song may be repeated. The teams keep going in turn until they either run out of songs or repeat a song that was already sung. Once one team remains, you can start all over with a new word. Can go on for hours!

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Time filler
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paper, writing utensils, something to write on if not at tables or on a hard floor

having at least one madrich on each team is highly recommended

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