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Get Off My Land!!!

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How the game is played:
Before the game set out chairs spread out randomly in a wide an area as possible, can be inside but is nicer outside if its sunny. Set out as many chairs as their are participants minus two.
Everyone but two people sit down (these can be madrichim or not). Then one is selected as it, the other runs. It has to tig the other person, and if he/she does the roles reverse. But the person running can run to a chair and tig the person on the chair and say "GET OFF MY LAND!!!" The person who was standing up sits down and the person that was on the chair is then being chased.

Game type:
Sport, Time filler, Wide game
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Chairs, and a load of excited chanichim!

You can vary the phrase to say to fit in with a topic trying to be conveyed. E.g. if Aliyah is the topic the game could be "GO MAKE ALIYAH!"

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