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Everyone gets a partner and sits in a circle with one person in front, one behind (in effect creating a circle within a circle). One person sits in the middle and says a characteristic or something of the sort that can apply to a person. It's best if the characteristics aren't obvious, such as "Anyone who has a cat," or "Anyone whose favorite food is pizza," as opposed to "Anyone who's wearing socks." That'll get people to know more things about each other. If it applies to the person sitting in the front, they have to try to kiss the middle person somewhere on their head. However, the partner sitting behind them has to not let them get away, by wrestling or tackling or whatever they need to do. Some versions let the front person get up on their feet if they can; however, it's harder if they're not allowed. First person to kiss the middle person on the head gets to be in the middle next, and the formerly middle person now sits behind the person who let their partner get away. If it applies to the front person and they don't get away, then the couple switches places - front person to back, back person to front - for the next round.

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Group/team building, Just for fun, Name game, Structured free-time
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To make it into more of a name game and less of a getting to know you game, the middle person can call out 2-4 names instead of characteristics. In this case, people need to wait to go until the last name is called out, to make timing fair.

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