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Kbish Kboo

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How the game is played:
The chanichim are split into two groups. They have to decide in their groups weather they are going to be goblins (wiggle fingers infront of mouth and make blblblblbl noise), giants (raise arms above head and say raaaaah) or wizards (both hands facing righe and make a sweeping motion to the left whilst saying shzam!)

After deciding, the two teams line up length ways (NOT BEHIND EACHOTHER!) and are opposite eachother across a wide space they then take seven steps towards eachother, then they make night fever motions whilst saying kbish kboo kbish kboo kbish kboo, then they do their chosen action.

Goblins, scare away wizards, wizards magic away giants, giants step on goblins.

For example if one team chose wizards and the other chose giants, the team who chose wizards have to chase the team who chose giants back to their start line.

If they get caught, they join the wizards team, if not then they continue on the same team.

It can go on for as much or little time as the madrichim decide, however the game officially ends when everyone from one team is on the other team. Or when there is one person left.

Game type:
Group/team building, Ice breaker, Just for fun, Motivating, Simulation, Splitting participants into groups, Time filler, Trigger
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