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Get into Order

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How the game is played:
This is a game about communitcation.
You have a group of up to abour 10 chanachim.
Their task is to get into a order (eg birthday, house number, age) withoug talking or mouthing, they must find other ways 2 communicate such as using their hands etc.

Game type:
Group/team building
Age group:
Number of participants:
5 to 10
Number of leaders:
Time required:
Less than 5 minutes



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played this on camp 1 year, we got told we would be playing it (when ur birthday was in the year), and devised a plan to just stand in any order, and when our madrich checked it, just say random dates, which were one after the other :-) bwahahaha theyll never know.
by shhhhzam! on 06/07/2006 14:56:57
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