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How the game is played:
Each channich(a) is given a sticker which is stuck on their foreheads. They cannot see what it says on the sticker which is a cirtain charactor or celebrity that they would know. They have to try and figure out who they are by going up to other people in the group and asking them only straight forward yes or no questions. The person who they ask can see what the sticker says and will answer them. the first one to guess which character they are is the winner.

Game type:
teaming channichim
Age group:
Over 5
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Time required:

Stick on labels with names personalities written on them and CHANNICHIM!

This can also be a fun way to team up channichim for a bigger game by giving groups of characters something in common therefore pairing them eg: (Snoopy,charlie brown,lucy and sally are one team and garfield,odie,john are another)

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