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The Donkey Game

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How the game is played:
Everyone stands in a circle. One person is in the middle, dancing and skipping within the cirlce... Everyone else is singing. The song goes as follows; "Here comes..... riding on a donkey, riding on a big fat donkey, here comes..... riding on a donkey and this is how he/she rides.." At this point, the person in the middle chooses someone in the circle to dance with... and this is what happens; The group: "front front front front baby" (the two people dance facing each other) "back back back back baby" (the two people dance back to back) "side side side side baby" (sideways) "and this is how they ride..." The two people dancing then swap places and the song starts over again.

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Just for fun, Time filler
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Nothing, just enthusiasm.

This game can be played ANYWHERE!!

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