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Swords and Shields

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How the game is played:
Everyone has a sword (their index finger on their right hand) and everyone has a shield (their flat hand behind their back) The aim of the game is to 'stab' as many people as possible and 'kill them' in the group. Everyone runs around trying to stap their index finger into other people's shields. If you get stabbed, you die and are out. Remember to guard your shield! A great run around game.

Game type:
Ice breaker, Just for fun, Time filler, Wide game
Age group:
Over 10
Number of participants:
20 to 30
Number of leaders:
Time required:



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This game really is a lot of fun. 'Twas referred to as Samurais on FZY Tour 5. Needless to say, I was the victor :D
by AdamJ_EinGedi on 15/11/2004 23:18:23
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