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Huggy Bears

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How the game is played:
Madrich shouts "Huggy Bear 2" and everyone finds a partner....then "huggy bear 4" and everyone gets into a group of four. The Madrich can choose what Huggy Bear they want to shout e.g. "Huggy Bear 25" This is a good way of splitting a group into smaller groups/teams

Game type:
Splitting participants into groups
Age group:
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Time required:
Less than 5 minutes



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i would like to point out that huggy bear is now frowned upon because it puts channies in a position where they are forced to hug each other and make physical contact.

What a joke, I actually heard this being said and a parent of a channie was geniuinly concerned! Is this the world we live in! It's sad that we can no longer play simple games like this without deeper meanings being found! Outrageous!

Personally, I love this game and wish for it to be used for years to come!
by saz on 14/01/2006 21:55:39
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