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The Blanket Game

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How the game is played:
Group of players split into two.
The two groups sit in their groups quietly, either side of a blanket/quilt/sleeping bag held up by two leaders. The groups must not be able to see each other.
Quietly, each group nominate one player.
The nominated player quietly moves so they are sitting infront of the blanket, facing the blanket.
On the count of three, the blanket is dropped, and the task of the player is to say the name of the person from the other team.
The person to say the other's name wins, and the losing player joins the winning player's team, until one team has all the players.

Game type:
Getting to know you, Just for fun
Age group:
Over 5
Number of participants:
5 to 10
Number of leaders:
Time required:
10-20 minutes

A blanket/duvet/sleeping bag/sheet


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