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How the game is played:
Divide teams into groups (the number of groups depends on how many chanichim there are) and create a relay race. Of either transporting water from one end of the room to the other or kicking soccer goals etc. However, everyone has to move like a robot. If one chanich stops being like a robot then the team has to start the relay again while everyone else continues.

Game type:
Drama games, Just for fun, Sport, Time filler
Age group:
Number of participants:
Number of leaders:
Time required:
20-30 minutes

For transporting water - cups to transport the water in, one big bucket of water as the water source at one end of the relay and empty buckets at the other end for the chanichim to place the transported water into.

For soccer goal kicking - soccer ball and goal posts (can use jumpers or chairs as posts)


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