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Shoe Game

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How the game is played:
Standing in a circle, get everyone to throw one of their shoes into the centre of the circle. The madrich then stands in the middle, picks up a shoe and calls out the name of a chanich in the circle and throws the shoe to them. This chanich then shouts out the name of a different chanich and throws the shoe then onto them. This continues until the shoe has gone to every chanich in the circle. The madrich then throws the next shoe to the same chanich and the entire order is repeated (each chanich throws it to the same person as they did previously). Eventually, the madrich throws the next shoe every time the first chanich has just thrown the shoe until shoes are flying everywhere! The game ends when there is a big pile of shoes at the feet of the final chanich

Game type:
Group/team building, Just for fun, Name game
Age group:
Over 5
Number of participants:
Number of leaders:
Time required:
5-10 minutes


For the madrich in the centre - beware of low-flying shoes. Perhaps you should start the pile of shoes outside the circle if you are worried about the skills of the chanichim

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