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How the game is played:
There are two teams, ideally boys vs. girls to keep things simple but you can do it another way, but you've got to make sure everyone knows who's on their team. In the standard version of the game there are 4 special seats, this is the parliament, and the aim of the game is to get four members of your team into parliament, so boys want boys in there and vice versa. The leader writes down everyones name on separate pieces of cards and randomly hands them out to everyone. At the start of the game there are already four people in parliament, two boys and two girls, and there is one empty chair in the circle. The first person (the person to the left of the empty chair), calls out a name, the person who has that name must move to the empty chair and swap with the person to their left. Now the person to the left of where the guy used to be sitting now calls out a name and so forth. You should be able to work out who has which name after a while; it's just a matter of remembering them all.
It doesn't matter what your name is on the card, if you have four physical members of the same sex in parliament, then the game has been won.

Game type:
Just for fun, Name game, Time filler
Age group:
Over 15
Number of participants:
10 to 20
Number of leaders:
Time required:
20-30 minutes

Pieces of paper+Pen

This game is quite complicated, so more than one game may be necessary for players to completely understand it, although because of the sheer length of the game, it may not always be possible to run two consecutive games of parliament.

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