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Human Bop-it

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How the game is played:
5 enegetic actions need to be decided to represent the 5 bop it calls e.g

twist it - hold hands to head and twist torso 90 degrees to left while keeping feet in the same place

spin it - jump and spin 360 to the right

pull it - lift arms above head and pull down as if doin a chin-up

flick it - hold arms forward and do flicking action

bop it - squat, touch floor and jump up again

1 madrich does bop-it style beat box and another calls out the actions ... starting slow and getting progressively faster. Until people are moving really energetically

Game type:
Just for fun, Motivating
Age group:
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Number of leaders:
Time required:
5-10 minutes


if played in small groups can be played with disqualification or 1 person at a time like an actual bop-it (i.e with pass it).

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