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The Newspaper hats game

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How the game is played:
Ok so everybody get a WHOLE lot of newspaper, and there's scissors and tape and all that jazz. Everybody must make a hat and a weapon. They will need some time to do this.

Then when everyone is ready they must face off one-on-one. The aim is to get their opponent's hat off by only using their weapon.

You can hold a knockout tournament or round robin or all in brawl or however you want to do it.

It may not sound like much, but its amazing. The tension, the excitement, the grace and finess required to win, the look on the loosers eye when their hat goes tumbling. What a game.

Game type:
Group/team building, Ice breaker, Just for fun, Structured free-time, Time filler
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Time required:

lots and lots of newspaper.
Sticky tape

no holds barred

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