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Everyone stands in a cicle and every fifth person is told that they are a sub-station. The madrich is the power station, and they can start the current by passing the squeeze to their left or right and must make a noise like a power station would, which is hard to write... but kinda like *pppveurr* with an upper inflection. but i guess you can make whatever sound you want... although trying to interpret that could be fun. Anways, back to the game. Everybody must pass the squeeze in the direction it is going. Sub-stations may continue the direction or send it back the other way, but they must also make a noise when they send off the squeeze, this one's more of a *ta ta ta*

The person in the middle must catch the squeezer as they are squeezing. and if they succeed the caugth sqeezer becomes the sqeeze catcher.

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Group/team building, Ice breaker, Just for fun, Relaxing, Time filler, Trigger
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