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The Shmulik Ruebin Game

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How the game is played:
This game is like twenty questions, so first I will describe that.

One person ("johnny think", say) must think of something. It can be anything. a person, and event, an object, an abstract concept, a place, a habbit, the way popcorn gets stuck between your teeth, anything.
When they think of something they must exclaim "OK I've got one".
People must ask yes no questions so as to discern what it is that is the thing that johnny think thought of.

Now to make it the Shmulik Ruebin game the first question must be, "does it have anything to do with Shmulik Ruebin?"
If the answer is yes, the person who asked the question must yell "COME ON!!!!" and point to their own head with all the fingers of one hand.
If the answer is no then everyone must act disappointed and go "oh" and then you move on to another one without finding out what that one was. The person who asked if it was to do with Shmulik Ruebin gets to think of the next one

Game type:
Just for fun, Relaxing, Structured free-time, Time filler
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