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"I am sitting on a chair and calling number ...."

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How the game is played:
1. All participants sit on chairs in a circle. There is one chair extra (ie, no one is sitting on it).

2. Give everyone a number, (1 to however many people there are...)

3. Now, the person to the right (or left, if you want), of the empty chair, say Victor, must stand up and then sit down on that empty chair. As Victor does this he says "I". This then leaves the chair on Victor's right empty. The next person (to the right of the new empty chair), say, Hugo, stands up and then sits down on the empty chair, saying "am". The next person after Hugo says "sitting" as they do the same. This continues until the phrase "I am sitting on a chair and calling number ...." is said. Now, after the last person (Bartholemew) says "number", the next person must call out an actual number as they move chairs. This number corresponds to someone sitting in the circle. That person then has to run across the circle and sit on the empty chair, and the game starts over again, because there is an empty seat on the other side of the circle.

4. There are 5 ways to get out:
a) If you muck up when saying part of the phrase "i am sitting on a chair calling number ..." (like you say knitting instead of sitting). Or if you muck up by not saying a word when supposed to, or if you get the order wrong, or if you dont move seats...etc etc.
b) If you call out a number that doesnt refer to anyone in the circle (like 2900, if you only have 15 people playing).
c) If you call out a number that refers to someone who is already out.
d) If you call a number that refers to the person who is next to you (not counting those people who are out who are between you and that person).
e) If you call a number the second time in a row.

5. Now, here is where the crux of the game lies! When you get out, YOU DO NOT GO OUT OF THE CIRCLE - thats right, you stay sitting in your seat, and are forbbiden to move, let alone speak! This means that the people who are in must remember who is out and who is in, and must skip over those people who are out when they get up to move seats.

The game then runs along merrily until there is a winner. He or she is designated the title "grand poobah".

Game type:
Ice breaker, Just for fun, Structured free-time, Time filler
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This game won the Kitchen Bench Award for best chair game in a 30 min bracket.

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