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How the game is played:
Everyone stands in a circle. One person is designated as the leader. The leader claps once. The person to his/her left must clap, then the person to his/her left, etc. All the claps must be done on beat (to be determined by a countdown before the first clap). If someone misses their turn to clap, or claps off-beat, they are out of the circle. Once the single-clap gets around the circle once, the Leader claps twice (so now they are eighth-notes instead of quarter-notes) and this pattern goes around the circle. The game continues until there are only two people left. These two people face each other and clap out complicated beats, that the other person must copy. Whoever cannot copy the other's beat loses.

The really really fun part of this game is that even when you are out, you are still participating. The people that are out walk/skip/run around the outside of the circle of people still playing adding noises to the beat, such as beatboxing, chicken noises, doodoodoos, etc.

This is a TON of fun. It really annoys the locals on the 4th of July.

Game type:
for insanity sake
Age group:
Over 10
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Time required:


Created by Dani Shneyer at Habonim Dror Machaneh Moshava, summer of 2004.

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