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Chair Battle

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How the game is played:
It's a bit like fruit Salad in that you devide your group into 2 teams. Each participant gets a chair and they line up with a participant from each team facing someone in the other team. There should be about a 10metre gap between each team and a chair placed right in the middle of that gap. Pairs are made with the person opposite you from the opposing team and when your number or word is called the first person to stack their chair on the middle one, and stand on it wins. If you are able to stack your chair on the other persons on the middle chair and then stand on it before they do, you win. At the end you simply yell fruit salad or whatever. and the first team with all the chairs stacked up win so theres no cleaning up afterwards.

Game type:
Group/team building
Age group:
Over 15
Number of participants:
10 to 20
Number of leaders:
Time required:
5-10 minutes

Chairs that can stack on each other

This game was created by us to teach simple english by applying different words and topics everytime you play.

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by shhhhzam! on 06/07/2006 15:00:13
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