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How the game is played:
One person is chosen as the 'psychologue' (Hebrew for psychologist) and leaves the room. When they return they have to work out the 'problem' of the rest of the group. This problem (which they are told before the psychologue returns) is that each person thinks he is the person two seats to his left. When the psychologue returns he must work out what the problem is by asking individual questions to the rest of the group. If the one being questionned does not know the answer, they must make it up! If they get it wrong, the real person must shout out 'psychologue' and everyone changes seats, making sure they are now pretending to be someone new.

Game type:
Getting to know you, Group/team building
Age group:
Over 15
Number of participants:
10 to 20
Number of leaders:
Time required:
4+ hours



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