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Braunold Braunold's Video Tape Game

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How the game is played:
Everyone sits in a circle and says their name and puts an action to it. The person in the middle (the video tape controler called braunold braunold) holds out a stick and points it to somone in the circle, they must say their name and perform their action. Braunold Braunold then rotates round the circle and when the stickk is pointing at a member of the circle they must say their name and do their action. If the controller says rewind he rotates the other way and is the stick points at you that person must sa their name backward and perfrom action backard. Other video controlls can be added to players discression to make more fun ie pause, fast forward, slow motion (foward and backward), record. If someone mucks up a long the way they become static in the video tape making a "sshhhhhh" noise. The game stops at the peak.

Game type:
Ice breaker
Age group:
Over 10
Number of participants:
10 to 20
Number of leaders:
Time required:
5-10 minutes

a stick or other pointy object
someone to call himself braunold braunold


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