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Everyone removes their shoes and socks (I know it sounds smelly but it's better than slipping and hurting themselves) and stands in a circle.
Going around the circle, each person in turn jumps nearer to the person next to them (or to the middle), the eventual idea being that when they get close enough they try to jump on each other's feet. If someone is trying to jump on your feet, you may jump out of the way, but if they jump towards someone else, or if they manage to jump on your feet, you are out.
I'm not entirely sure why it's called Pinocchio - any ideas?

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Just for fun, Time filler
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This is very similar to a game I just posted called PDQ. I have assembled very complete rules and have a video to demonstrate the game at pdq.ductmonkey.com
by ductmonkey on 25/08/2006 13:45:14

erm, coz he had a looong nose? and people could have stepped on it easily? or someone got it wrong, depends how much faith u have in people :) (Y)
by shhhhzam! on 06/07/2006 14:58:33
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