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I've Never

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How the game is played:
Get the group to sit in a circle on chairs except for one person who is in the middle.
The person in the middle says "I've never..." and gives an event. Everyone who has done it, has to try and swap seats with others who are out of their seats. The person in middle takes a seat and the aim is not to be in the middle.
The next person says "I've never.." and an event and people swap seats.

Game type:
Getting to know you, Group/team building
Age group:
Number of participants:
Number of leaders:
Time required:
10-20 minutes


The person in the middle does not have to have done the event or not.
Becareful with older groups. It can become very violent, people can say very personal things about others that could make them upset (eg a secret) and the general level of events can reach inapropriate levels.

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