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Penguin Races

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How the game is played:
Everyone stands in a circle, and the madrich/lead penguin starts the following spiel to teach the game...

Penguins race like this (pat thighs quickly to make noise like penguins' feet)
Sometimes they take a left turn (lean left and shout "wheeee!")
Sometimes they take a right turn (lean right and shout "wheee!")
Often there's a chicane on the track (go left then right and go "whee-whee!")
There are tunnels on the race track (duck down and shake you bum going "wibble-wibble-wibble-wibble!)
And sometimes penguins like to jump (jump up and squeak "Hooray!")

Then everyone pats their thighs quickly and the madrich starts the game with a REady Set Go! Then its up to the madrich to shout out the commands and everyone does them at the same time -
left turn, right turn, chicane, tunnel, jump
Speed up with more actions as you near the end of the course. Always finish with a jump and a big "Hooray!"

Game type:
Group/team building, Ice breaker, Just for fun, Motivating
Age group:
Number of participants:
Number of leaders:
Time required:
Less than 5 minutes

Ruach a-plenty

This game is great with little kids and big kids at heart...it raises energy levels and puts a smile on even the grumpiest faces.

For practiced Penguin Racers, there are some more rules...
Sometimes a worm comes on the track (stop racing and wiggle index finger in front of your face makign squeaky-door noises - resume after 5 seconds)
Sometimes penguins like to show off and race backwards (jump turn 180deg so you're racing out of the circle)
Sometimes a helicopter films the penguin races (make turny-turny movements above your head with one hand like propellor)

Get each new Race Leader to make up new rules every time you play


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