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How the game is played:
The game works by the one person whispering a question (so no-one else can hear) to someone else in the group e.g. "Who is the mostly to be rich and famous?" and then that person goes to the person they think will be rich and famous and asks another question "Who will live to over 100?" and then they go over to the person who they think will live to over 100 and so on. People stop asking questions when everyone has had a go. Then you follow the trail of questions round and people find out what they were choosen for.

Game type:
Tzevet Kef
Age group:
Number of participants:
10 to 20
Number of leaders:
Time required:
10-20 minutes



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this is basically a nice version of paranoia :-) nice :P
by shhhhzam! on 06/07/2006 15:15:53
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