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Family Feud

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How the game is played:
This game is based on the game show family feud. Whoever is running the game comes up with some questions, which they secretly go around asking everyone who will play before the game. They can be either chinuch-y questions that it'll be fun to know how many people answer what, or they can be ridiculous, such as "who is the tzevet member you most want to sleep with?" In any case, once you have the results of the questions, you make boards with how many people answered what.

Then you actually play the game: split your group into two, and ask the questions. One person from each group can answer at a time, trying to guess the answer with the most people who answered it. I don't know how you would keep score, but I don't really care because in habonim dror we don't stress competition.

Game type:
Educational/Chinuch, Getting to know you, Group/team building, Just for fun, Tzevet Kef
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set of provocative questions
boards with the answers


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