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The "Get your kids to sit on the floor" Game!

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How the game is played:
This game's aim is to get all the chanichim to sit on the floor before a program starts.

Usually madrichim have to ask repetitively for kids to sit on the floor instead of chairs, so this is an easy game to get them all on the floor

1) Firstly, tell them all to close their eyes.

2) Instruct them, that if they are tapped on the head in this "round" and they are sitting on the floor, they must sit on a chair, and if they are tapped and they are sitting on a chair, they must sit on the floor. They will not understand the aim of the game, but this is the trick.

3) Play a few "rounds" to keep the kids swapping between chair and floor

4) after a few "rounds", tap only the kids sitting on a chair, and while they still have their eyes closed, take away all their chairs after they have moved to the floor

How easy was that!?!

Now all your chanichim are sitting on the floor for the start of your peulah!

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Getting to know you, Ice breaker, Just for fun, Time filler, Trigger
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Time required:
Less than 5 minutes

Chairs (how ironic)

this game only works if you want all your kids to sit on the floor instead of chairs, i.e. if you're from a left wing socialist movement so all kids are equal in instances where there aren't enough chairs for everyone.

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brilliant idea!!!! I will definately try it!!!!!
by saz on 17/05/2006 21:17:03
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