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the aim of the game is not to think about the game and if you think about the game, you lose the game. when you lose the game you must say to everyone around you , no matter who they are, that you lost. you will say I LOST. under no circumstances must you say I LOST THE GAME, thats cheating. you do not get a choice about playing the game, once you have heard about it you have to play. another rule is 20 minute reset. this means you cannot lose twice or more in 20 minutes.

this means there is no 20 minute reset and you can lose as many times as you want.

this means you can only lose on fridays and you play with 20 minute reset.

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fun game
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Over 5
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your big mouth


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I really enjoy this game, and am glad to know that someone is spreading the word about it. I always play by, upon losing, saying "damn, I lost the game" as this tends to make it more predictable as to other peoples' reactions. It is an game where you cannot know that you are winning, as the split-second you realise that you are winning, you have lost.
by Verence I on 09/07/2006 22:58:11
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