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Everyone spreads around the room and closes their eyes, and a madrich chooses one chanich to be "Pruie" by tapping them on the shoulder. This person may then open their eyes, but must stand in the same spot and may not move around. Once a Pruie has been chosen the madrich tells the chanichim that Pruie has been chosen, and to please begin. The chanichim (who are not Pruie) must then wander around [keeping their eyes closed at all times] and must try to find another chanichs hand to hold. Once they find someone elses hand, the chanich must say "Pruie?" (asking them if they are Pruie). If they answer back with "Pruie?" they are not Pruie and they must let go and continue to find peoples hands until they find Pruie. Pruie is not allowed to speak during the game, so if a chanich finds a hand, asks Pruie? and get's not reply then they open their eyes and have become part of Pruie. Pruie gets longer and longer as more people join, and the last person not to have joined Pruie loses.

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Group/team building, Just for fun, Time filler, Trust games
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