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Signing Chinese Whispers

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How the game is played:
All chanichim stand in a line one behind the other facing the same direction. The person at the end of the line(person 1) taps the person in front of them (person 2) on the shoulder. Person 2 turns and faces person 1 and watches as person 1 does a short mime (perhaps mimes getting dressed or making a cup of tea). When person 1 has finished they turn round the other way and the person 2 taps the person in front of them (person 3) and shows them what they can remember of the mime. when the mime reaches the end of the line this person (eg person 10) goes to the front and shows what they saw, this is followed by the person 1 showing what it really was.

Game type:
Drama games, Getting to know you, Group/team building, Time filler, Trigger
Age group:
Over 5
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One madrich to look out for any changes made on purpose, and another to keep everyone facing the right direction at the right time.

Can be used to talk about passing on tradition, laws etc...

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