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Cup of Good Leadership

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This is a brilliant (if I may say so) sikkum to a hadracha peula. We have this planned for a few weeks time and it makes me excited just thinking about it...

Around the room, place paper with qualities of a good leader written on them (eg confident, creative, spontaneous...). Also include some contentious ones like tall, or musical, for discussion. On each page, cut strips on the bottom that they can rip off, like on an ad for a housemate, and tell them that they need to pull off all the qualities that they think they lack or could improve on.

In a circle, have a few explain what they chose, and then get them all to put their qualities into a blender. Add milk, icecream, syrup and create a 'hadracha milkshake' and pour it into a big cup. If you have a trophy-style cup to drink from, that would be ideal!

Voila! now the chanichim can 'drink from the cup of good leadership' and all the qualities will be inside them. Now your chanichim will be fantastic leaders :)

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So we tried it, and it was awesome! Everyone said 'theyll never drink a paper milkshake!' but they DID. so :P
by romz_007 on 21/08/2007 14:45:23
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