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Ball Madness Name Game

Important note regarding the copying of games

How the game is played:
Once people vaguely know each others' names, sit them in a circle. Give one person a soft ball or hacky sack. Have them say the name of someone else (who hasn't yet had the ball) and pass the ball to them. Once the ball's gone to everyone in the circle, pass it back to the first person and send the ball around in the same order as the first time. A few throws into the second round, give the first person a second ball, and they have to pass it around in the same order, so there are multiple balls being thrown and multiple names being called at once. If the group is up to it, have them pass one backwards around the circle.

Game type:
Ice breaker, Just for fun, Name game
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A few small, soft balls, preferably of different colours

As usual when throwing balls at each other, make sure the kids are going to throw responsibly...

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