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Who's Your Daddy and What Does He Do?

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How the game is played:
The group, sitting in a circle, goes around once or twice and each person says their mother or father's name and profession. Then, the game starts with everyone doing the lap-lap-clap "We Will Rock You" beat. Everyone asks "Who's your daddy and what does he do?", then everyone responds "Roger, project manager". This response is helpful as an example before every round, and it flows nicely with the beat. Saying "roger, project manager" in your best Australian accent doubles the fun.

Now the game begins. The person who has been chosen to start yells to the beat the name and profession of someone else's parent in the circle. The person who's parent was chosen then passes the turn to another, calling out someone else's parent and profession, all to the beat! The game's really quite hard, and usually two or three parents are picked on as the ones everyone says. Emphasize that the group needs to remember their friends parent's names and professions at the start when everyone says them!

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Getting to know you
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Over 10
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