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Story Game

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How the game is played:
The whole group sits in a circle and each person puts their left hand open out flat and the right hand with their index finger pointing down into the plam of the person's left hand on your right. Someone tells a story and the group has to whatch out for a spacific word eg: "banana" in the story. When the word is mentioned everyone emediatly has to try and catch the persons finger on their left and remove their own finger form the persons hand on the right before they catch it. The people who get caught go into the middle and the the game continues till there's a winner.

Game type:
Ice breaker
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Nothing is needed just a room where the channichim will not be destracted and they are able to hear. The story can be pre-prepared or made up as the game goes along

This is a good ice-breaker as it envolves the group making physicle contact which is very important when trying to break the tension in the group. Maybe as the game goes on. let the channichim try and carry on with the story.

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