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Mini olympics

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How the game is played:
All the channichim are devided into eg:8 groups equally. The groups are then all given a colour eg:Blue,black,Red,Orange,Yellow, Green, Pink,White,Purple. The groups then have 5 mins to get changed into the colour ,come up with war cries,make posters and start getting points which stick onto the posters which each group makes. The madrich leading the game then blows a whistle and all the groups go off to different stations which are run by the other madrichim Eg: human pyramid,smarties in flour, bobbing for apples, obsticle course,limbo, Water balloons,3 sticks,water bowl. The Madrichim running tha stalls are encharge of explaining what they have to do at the stations and encourage the group to scream war cries and decide how many points the group gets for both-Either 10,15,20 or 30 which are stuck on to the posters that they bring with them. The Madrich running the entire wide game is encharge of timing each station(5-10 minutes at each) once the time is up they blow a whistle which makes each group move on to the next station. Once the groups finish all the stations they meet back where they first met and the points are counted and the group with the most points is the winner and gets a box with sweets or prizes.

Game type:
Wide game
Age group:
Number of participants:
Number of leaders:
Time required:
2-4 hours

1. 8 groups
2. 9-10 stations(always have at least one more station than the amount of groups to prevent a situation where 2 or more groups go to one station)
3.Posters+ pens+coloured markers+paint(optional)
4 stickers for points
5. whistles for madrichim running the wide game to move groups along to the next station.
6 Depending on the stations chosen to be run: there should be at least 2 leaders at each station and they should get a list of stuff to get and prepare. In this case
station1: human pyrimid:nothing
station2: sweets in flour: 1)bowl with 2)flour and 3)small soft sweets or chocolates(NOT HARD SWEETS) hidden in the flour -The group at the station stands in a line and has to dig there heads into the four and get the small pieces of chocolate out of the flour in a time limit and get a cirtain amount of points according to how many peices of chocolat they got out of the bowl.4)NB- a bowl of water for the kids to wash their hands and faces to prevent accidents.
station 3:Bobbing for apples: 1) bowl with water,2) Apples-(be near a tap to refill the water for hygien perposes.
Station4:Obsticle course- You choose the things you want in the obsticle course
Station5:Limbo: a very big human sized stick or branch
Station6:Water balloons: Water baloons filled with water and are past along in a circle and everyone moves further away from each other making it harder. The less balloons break, the higher the score
Station7:3 sticks-basically-3 sticks and the group has to jump between them in a line and each time the sticks get moved further apart.
Station 8: Water bowl: a bowl filled with water and an empty bowl on the other end.
Station 9:Chair game- 30 chairs

Cups and sweets

This wide game involves a lot of pre-preparation. The leader running the entire wide game( preferably more then one.) Should devide each group with mixed ages. They should assign at least 2 leaders per station. They should know much before which station they are running and what need to be prepared and the things needed. FOR THE GAME TO RUN SMOOTHLY THE LEADERS NEED TO BE ORAGANISED AND READY OTHERWISE.....IT FLOPS!!!!!.

To make things more fair , all the groups can get sweets at the end which means everyone's a winner and everything's fair

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