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Murder mystery game

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How the game is played:
This is almost like a live cluedo game. One of the madrichim have been murdered(..not really . It's just part of the game. This is usually rosh machaneh/head of camp. This is announced to the whole camp at an unexpected time. Eg: during dinner(this should be done at night). The kids then are divided up into groups of about 12-15..depends on the amount and they are given a riddle on a small piece of paper which needs to be solved to get to a certain place to the first suspect. If there are 8 groups...you have more than 8 suspects. The suspects are the madrichim who all are whaiting at each station for each group to arrive. The group gets a group of questions to ask each of the suspects which has a particular object which could be the weapon, which have set answers according to the plot which gives each group clues.They also give each group the next clue to get to the next station, getting them closer to the killer. When the groups have all been to each station, They have to try and figure out who the murderer was, where it was done and the waepon that was used. The group to get it correct first wins and after the game, The victim comes out and shows that they are still alive once the game is over.

Game type:
Wide game
Age group:
Over 10
Number of participants:
Number of leaders:
Time required:
1-2 hours

A plot needs to be written up which is known to the Leaders involved in the game before hand. The groups will find out the story at the end of the game. There should be one leader at each station dressed up with an object and a riddle to get to the next suspect. the leader who is pretending to be the victim doesn't actually take part in the actually take part in the wide game as the kids are trying to find out who the actual murderer is. Each group will need a clue to start them off at different stations, a map, a torch , a pen and a small pad of paper as detective notes to write what each suspect tells them as they will blame the person who is at the next station through clues

This game needs to be done in a very wide open area that is safe and is more exciting at night. Kids under the age of ten could get a bit freaked out and therefore is more suitable from ten years and up. This is a brilliant wide game if planned well and is fun for both leaders and the kids. It is optional to base a theme for the murder mystery Eg: fairy tails

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