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The Backwards Name Game

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How the game is played:
Everyone sits in circle and says their name backwards. They then put it into a sentence about themsleves and it's a very funny way for a group to get to know one another.

Game type:
Getting to know you
Age group:
Over 5
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Time required:
Less than 5 minutes



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you can also get people to give their name forwards and what it means (if they know) and then the name backwards with what it means.

e.g. My name is Neil which means Champion in Gaelic.
My name backwards is Lien, which is a kind of african tree hugging plant. deep in the african jungle, the lien lives on the side of trees and normally looks like a pretty plant. however at 6:12pm every 17th of June, the lien plant grows enormous spikes and injects poison into the tree it hugs. When this happens the tree turns into mush which is eaten by the lien.

There ya go!
by scotbloke on 25/04/2004 18:30:12
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