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Bang! bang! You're dead! / Assasins

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How the game works is that each person gets a name out of the hat on a small peice of paper and doesn't tell anyone. When they see that particular person on their own and ONLY on their own ,they need to go up to that person without anyonw haering or knowing it's them adn assasinate them by saying "bang!bang! you dead!". The person that has just been "killed " he\she needs to give the name of the person that they have to kill to the person that has just killed them and the game goes on until there is one person left who has killed everybody they are the winner of the game

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Wide game
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Over 5
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Time required:

none just giving everyone a name

There is no set time for this game as it can go on for days

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turns out as a mood killer on a summer camp as people get kind of paranoid and can't really relax with each other - do it during a day trip or something but never do it over multiple days
by MrGosha on 09/06/2013 08:26:43
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