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Murder Winks

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How the game is played:
One person is deemed the 'detective' and is sent out of the room. Everyone stands in a circle and one person in the circle is selected as the 'murderer'. The detective is called back and stands in the center of the cirlce. The murderer has to 'kill' as many people as they can by winking at them. A 'dead' chanich has to dramatically fall down screaming and shouting. The detective has three guesses of who the murderer is. The game ends if the detective does 3 bad guesses, guesses the correct murderer or the murderer kills everyone in the circle. This game can be played many times in a row

Game type:
Drama games, Just for fun
Age group:
Over 5
Number of participants:
20 to 30
Number of leaders:
Time required:
10-20 minutes

A place where the detective can stay while the murderer is being selected so that they cannot see or hear what is going on.

You will need an extra madrich to go away with the detective to distract them from trying to cheat

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