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How the game is played:
Sit in a circle (not really neccesary, just traditional) and ask for a volunteer to be the psychoanalyist. Tell him/her that he should leave the room and while he's away another person will recount a dream they recently had to everyone else, who wil ltry to learn it as best as possible. When he returns he should ask yes or no questions about the dream and try to work out what happened in it, and then use psychoanalysis to work out who in the group had the dream.
But, there's a twist. Once the person has left the room explain that no one should tell a dream. Instead they will answer the psychoanalyst's question's thus- if the last letter of the last word of the question is from p or before in the alpahbet- the answer will be "yes", and if q or later "no". No contradictions are allowed, so eg:
1. Are there and women in it? No
2. Is a man involved? Yes
3. Is a man in it? This should be answered "no" but that would contradict question 2, so say "yes".
At the end explain that there was no dreamer- the whole thing was a construct of their screwed up mind as they asked the questions!

Game type:
Educational/Chinuch, Time filler
Age group:
Over 15
Number of participants:
5 to 10
Number of leaders:
Time required:


This is an intersting game as it is actually an excellent explanation of how dreaming and hallucination works in your mind. The brain asks- "is there a pink elephant in your bedroom?" and in a hallucinating person the brain recieves the wrong answer and draws a meticuliusly detailed pink elephant into your conciousness. Not very jewish, but still interesting. This game can cause problems, especially with dyslexics, so be considerate. Also younger chanachim may not like being tricked, so proabbly save it for tzevet kef. Obviously, it only works if people haven't palyed it before, too.

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