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The easy way to win stuck in the mud!

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How the game is played:
First of all, you play stuck in the mud. You all know how it goes, the chanachim run around, and the madrachim tag them. You play this for about 10-20 mins. Then, the madrachim tell all the chanachim to sit in a big circle. All the chanachim should be really tired, so the madrachim tell them to stretch, wiggle thier toes, e.t.c. The madrachim tell the chanachim that they're going to tap them on the back once, twice or three times, and that everyone should close their eyes. (everyone assumes that they're playing mathia) When everyone has been tapped, the madrachim tell the chanachim to stand up, and stretch them arms out so that they are either side of them. And the madrachim say, "You're all STUCK!!!!"

Game type:
Stupid game
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Time required:
10-20 minutes


The funniest game ever, the madrachim did it to us on camp and everyone falls for it!

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by shhhhzam! on 01/03/2006 16:18:47

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by saz on 16/01/2006 18:31:25
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